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3 Patti Master: Hot Features That Make It a Must-Play Game

If you’re a fan of thrilling card games, then 3 Patti Master is a must-play game that should be at the top of your list. Owned by Taurus Cash, 3 Patti Master offers an engaging and rewarding experience for both new and seasoned players. Let’s dive into some of the hottest features that make 3 Patti Master a standout choice in the world of online card games.

Super Cashback Offer

One of the most enticing features of 3 Patti Master is the Super Cashback Offer. Add ₹500 to your account and get ₹1000 back! This incredible offer gives you more value for your money, allowing you to play longer and enjoy the game even more.

Weekly and Monthly Cards

3 Patti Master offers two fantastic card options to maximize your rewards:

  • Weekly Card: Pay ₹500 and receive ₹100 instantly. Additionally, you’ll earn ₹80 each day for a week, totaling up to ₹660.
  • Monthly Card: For ₹3000, get ₹1000 immediately. Plus, earn ₹100 every day for a month, accumulating up to ₹4000.


    These cards provide an excellent way to boost your gaming budget and enhance your overall experience.

7 Daily Rewards

To keep the excitement going, 3 Patti Master features a 7 Daily Rewards system. Spin the wheel daily for a chance to win money and add more fun to your gameplay. Each spin offers the potential for extra cash, making every day a new opportunity to win big.

Scratch Card Features

Top up your account and get the chance to scratch 30 cards, each with the possibility of revealing extra money. This Scratch Card Feature adds an element of surprise and thrill, making your deposits even more rewarding.

Free Bonus

Who doesn’t love a free bonus? Complete three simple tasks in 3 Patti Master to earn a free ₹100 bonus:

  1. Link your phone number.
  2. Invite two friends to join the game.
  3. Win ₹50 in the game.

These easy steps not only enhance your gaming experience but also put extra money in your pocket.

VIP Gift

Regular players are in for a treat with the VIP Gift feature. By consistently playing, you can receive daily rewards up to ₹5, weekly rewards up to ₹10, and monthly rewards up to ₹100. This feature ensures that loyal players are always rewarded for their dedication.

Free Cash

Invite new friends to join 3 Patti Master and earn between ₹0.1 to ₹20 when they sign up or add money to their accounts. This Free Cash feature is a great way to earn extra money simply by sharing the fun with others.

Gullak Bonus Cash

As you play, save bonus cash in your Gullak. Once it’s full, open your Gullak to receive the money. This Gullak Bonus Cash feature is a fantastic way to accumulate extra funds as you enjoy the game.


3 Patti Master, owned by Taurus Cash, offers a unique and rewarding experience with its diverse range of features. From the Super Cashback Offer to the Gullak Bonus Cash, each aspect of the game is designed to enhance your enjoyment and maximize your rewards. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated enthusiast, 3 Patti Master is a must-play game that promises endless fun and excitement. Download the game today and start reaping the rewards!


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